Out-Tasking Performance Leaders
Vijay Chinnappan, Director of Operations
Vijayakumar Chinnappan brings over 33 years of IT experience including Design, Development and Implementation of wide range of Business Application Systems under various software and hardware technologies in India and USA. He is currently holding the position of Director of Operations at dB Professionals and oversees the company's India operations.

Delivery Team: Our Delivery Team consists of several certified IT professionals who work in the USA and India to support our clients. Our areas of expertise includes Database Systems, ERP, IT Security and Cloud based storage. Our Delivery Team focuses on delivering IT projects using well defined process built on Salesforce.com platform.
Velu Palani, President & CEO
Velu Palani brings around 18 years of wide-ranging IT experience including Programming, Project Management, Organizational Development, Sales and Marketing. Over 10 years ago, Mr. Palani founded dB Professionals to help customers retain control on their IT Projects and recruit the right IT professionals.