Out-Tasking Performance Leaders

Are you concerned with:

Losing control over your IT environment and expenditures?

The many perils of all-or-nothing out-sourcing?

How you will complete projects that require specialized skills that not are readily available in-house?

Your off-hour support needs and that your staff has to stay “on-call”?

Not being able to afford a full time or part-time Information Infrastructure Specialist?

Are you desperate for an alternative to long-term out-sourcing or managed services?

Not having a contingency work force to address any uncertainty such as pandemics, family /medical emergency, termination or unplanned time off?

If so, then consider out-tasking which is when your company receives defined services from a specialized provider (like dB Professionals) to support their IT information infrastructure.

Out-tasking supplements your company’s existing staff and skills as required without outsourcing the entire environment, management and/or control.

Out-Tasking Solutions allow you to:

Maintain or retake control of your information infrastructure and management. 

Supplement your company skills by gaining access to the best specialists in the business - 24x7x365. Stop escalating IT staffing cost by paying only for productive hours.

Options include:

Monitoring & Alerting Services (24x7) - dB Professionals Out-Tasking Team continuously monitors your systems for abnormal events.

Health System Services - Constant monitoring of specified systems, processes, events and/or logs.

Operational Support - Specific tasks designated by the client to be performed by the dB Professionals.