Out-Tasking Performance Leaders
Are you concerned with:

Not having the flexibility to create a job specifically to meet your needs, whether it is project based, temporary talent/skill needs, cyclical or seasonal work?

Your staff not being able to focus on their core competencies and workload?

Always having to handle the benefits, social security, payroll taxes, payment, employee services such as immigration, travel and expenses for your staffed employees?

Are you having trouble finding IT professionals with experience in the latest technologies?

If so, then consider NextGen IT Staffing, an innovative staffing delivery system that promotes best practices, vertical industry knowledge and real world experience. NextGen IT Staffing is a reliable way to augment your internal on-site IT staff.

Skills-Matched™ (Option A - FREE)

Using our global candidate database and state-of-art technology we will deliver suitable 'Skills-Matched™' candidates at no cost to you. Contact us for details.

Transparent-Recruiting™ (Option B)

Short on time, or ...? Need some assistance in finding that 'Skills-Matched™' candidate? For a Flat Fee, we'll assist you in locating, the absolute, best fit candidate for your environment - Qualified, Screened, Background Checked, with a Guarantee,  using our 'Transparent-Recruiting™' methodology. Contact us for a FREE Demo.

Project-Ready-Consultant (Option C)

In a rush? Need a highly skilled, experienced, and 'Project-Ready-Consultant™'? Don't have time to place ads, read countless, marginal resumes, and participate in innumerable interviews? Just want the best consultant (a superhero) to step up and join your team? We specialize in superheroes! Call us for a Free One Hour Project Consultation.

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